About Me

I was born in the 60’s in Hong Kong.  When I was young electronic entertainment has not been invented yet and 1/35 scale model was one of my favorite hobbies.  In high school period, I moved on to 1/10 RC racing cars, but has quitted soon after coming out to work.  I also like video games, gundam, anime and watches.

I like watches, too

I lived in Tokyo before

My car’s nickname MGBB

1/6 Action Figure Hobby

I started this hobby not long ago.  My first figure was a Hot Toys SWAT2, a gift from my wife.  Then I started to build up my interest in this area.  First I just build figures according to the boxset.  But soon I found that didn’t satisfy me and I began to build my own unique figures from all the loose parts.  My favorite themes are HKSDU, and Sci-Fic.

My wife and I