Street Fighter Shin Gouki

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Street Fighter Gouki by Kidslogic – I really like this figure by first sight. Most impressed about the head/body sculpting and great costume. The lighted up eyes give an awesome rendition of the game character. However, the body articulation is only fair. It can only do some basic poses but not everything that I want it to do. I think the beautiful body shape trades off some movement abilities. Overall speaking, I am glad to support this local HK production. I think I will get if another SF character is released.

Not much customization work done here. I only did a couple like: 1) repainting the hair to white as how Shin Gouki looks, 2) enhanced shadings and highlights to the head and body, 3) painted 神人 character at the back of the body and the Karate Gi, 4) replaced the Obi (belt) with a texture rope.

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