MW2 Ghost UDT Version

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Call Of Duty is probably the best series of FPS video games. The latest release, Modern Warfare 2, is my favorite. Excellent game play, story line and character design. Among all the characters, I like “Ghost” the most. This is my take of “Ghost” based on the episode “The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday” in which Ghost and his Taskforce 141 team members are rescuing hostages at an oil rig.

Wiki about the game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here are some reference photos:

Photoshop Graphics

At the opening of the episode, Taskforce 141 team is transported to the target oil rig under the sea via SDV launched from Submarine.

The team quietly sneak into the base of the oil rig.

This CG is based on the last scene of the episode. Ghost is guarding the helicopter landing platform while the team is taking off for their next mission.

Next mission “Gulag”, Taskforce 141 is attacking a Russian gulag to retrieve Captain Price.

Ghost is having a tough fight in the gulag.

The Figure
This is the Hot Toys USSOCOM Navy Seal UDT figure I acquired years ago. At one point I thought about making “Ghost & Soap” but realized this UDT figure costs a fortune now if I need to buy another one so I only made Ghost for now. There was just some simple enhancement work done like stuffing the pockets, trimming the stripes, dry brush weathering, etc. Here is the part break down:
Headsculpt: Unknown maker
Body: Hot Toys
Balaclava: Hand painted
Sunglasses: Customized
Headset: Hot Toys
Suit: Hot Toys, added British flags on arms
Other Gears: Hot Toys
Gloves: Hot Toys customized
MP5K: Medicom customized
M4A1: Hot Toys repainted

I think this is supposed to be Gerrard. I picked this up as loose part. The quality of this head is quite good. I repainted the eyes and added shading and highlight to the face. The skull pattern on the balaclava was hand painted. I used acrylics diluted by textile medium for fabric painting. (Ops! Ghost’s identity has been revealed!)

Weapon Customization
This is based on the weapon design in the game. (someone told me that this config only exists in the Airsoft world) I used a Medicom MP5 as the base. The mounting rail was coming from another M4 I cut into shape. The stock end cap was built from scratch. I made 2 versions of silencer and a detachable flash light.

Not much customization here. I just painted some portion in sand color and added a silencer. I also did some subtle weathering.

Other Customizations
Sunglasses – cannot find a pair of shades exactly matching what Ghost uses so I decided to make one. Screen and frame are from 2 Hot Toys sunglasses. I used epoxy putty to merge them together and grind to desired shape.
Gloves – the original ones did not have good articulation. I removed the fixed peg with a ball joint. Then wrap the wrist with a sheet of synthetic leather to hide the joint.
Rebreather – removed the original painting, repaint with black, grinder polished to create texture, hand painted the pattern as seen in the game.

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