MW2 Soap in “Gulag”

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Previously I post my “Soap” head repaint. Now I finally got the whole figure completed.

Like the “Ghost” figure I have done before, I custom this “Soap” figure based on the “The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday” and “Gulag” episode. Those are also my favorite episodes of the game

Photoshop CG

At the end of the “The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday” episode, Soap and Ghost are boarding the helicopter for their Gulag mission

Soap on a Little Bird heading to the Gulag to retrieve prisoner #627

A gulag guard is killed

Soap & Ghost fighting their way into the deepest level of the gulag

The bath room scene – the best one in the game. I think the idea is coming from the movie “The Rock”.

The invincible Task Force 141

The Figure

Head: Loading Toys (repainted)
Body: Hot Toys
Wet Suit: Hot Toys
Pants: Hot Toys
Other Gear: Hot Toys
Boots: ACI Toys
M14: ACE (repainted)
MP5K: Medicom (customized)

Head Enhancement
To enhance this head further to match with “Soap”, these were what I did to it:
1) repainting the eyes to give more serious-looking eye contact
2) creating the scar on his left eye
3) sculpting the ear communication device
4) painting the face camo
5) adding shades to enhance face features

Not much modification here. I just swapped the aiming scope and repainted with tiger stripes snow camo. This is purely based on my imagination.

Gulag Guard
I also made this simple figure for making the CG. The white overcoat is DML WWII German. The pants are Australian SAS

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