AVP She-Wolf

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My work here is largely influenced by a lot of the predator sculptors and illustrators. The base, Hot Toys Machiko, was bought years ago when it was first released. I always have a wish to transform it into a real female predator figure. The project did not start until I found this resin bad … predator head. I have put in a number of designs to make every parts fit well together. The work in progress section explains the details. Overall speaking, I am happy with how the figure turns out. It matches my impression of a female predator which is lethal, wild but still feminine.

Photoshop CG’s

This is an alternate story line of AVP. After Scar, Chopper and Celtic were all killed in the pyramid, She-Wolf was sent to clean up the mess.

The Figure

Head Sculpt: Resin Kit customized
Bio Mask: Hot Toys Machiko customized
Dreadlocks: Hot Toys Machiko replanted
Body: Original Effect Reborn customized
Hands: Hot Toys Cat Woman (old) customized
Chest & Shoulder Amor: Hot Toys Machiko
Shoulder Cannon: Hot Toys Machiko customized
Thigh Amor: Hot Toys Nolan
Bottom Amor: Hot Toys Scar
Gauntlets: Hot Toys Machiko customized
Wristblades: Hot Toys Scar
Sword: Hot Toys Machiko
Boots: Hot Toys Machiko customized

Body Transformation

A concept sketch before the work begins

OE Reborn body was used to give a taller body proportion. The soft rubber chest was replaced with Cool Girl’s as the big chest does not fit well into the armor and also the soft rubber is hard to be painted. Muscle texture was sculpted with epoxy putty and sculpey. The paint used was acrylics. All paint work was done by hand brush (no airbrush). A thin layer of semi-gloss clear was applied at the end.

Work In Progress

1. To support the heavier weight of the body, the ankle joints were replaced with bigger ones
2. Making the boots to fit the bigger legs
3. Filled the cut out gap with epoxy putty
4. Brass robs for connecting the boots to the thighs
5. Transforming the Cool Girl chest to fit the OE body
6. Retain the rubber joint for connecting to the lower body
7,8. Working on body sculpting with epoxy putty and sculpey
9. Sculpting the skin texture for the hands

1. Making use of spare parts to extend the shoulder cannon so it will level with the eyes
2. Enlarge the gauntlets with epoxy putty
3. Sculpt the details to match with the overall design
4. Components of wrist blades 
5. The base was made from a stack of 3 plastic sheets then saw and filed into shape
6. Wrist blade gauntlet painted up
7-9. Redo the suede leather bottom

1. Use epoxy putty to construct the lower part of the head
2. Sculpey to create the head texture
3. Drilled holes for connecting dreadlocks
4. Filled the back of the mask with epoxy putty
5. Made a hole for hiding button battery
6. Test fit the masked head to the neck
7. Sculpted the head details
8. Installed a LED as the homing laser
9. Sculpted the laser homing device

1-4. Doing the paint job step by step
5. Masked head painted
6. Dreadlocks were cut from the original Machiko head
7-8. Use plastic welder glue to adhere dreadlocks
9. Face is attached to the head by magnet

This is a height comparison. Piers is 30cm tall (1.8m in 1:1), She-Wolf is 33cm tall (1.98m in 1:1), Celtic is 36cm tall (2.16m in 1:1). The aliens are not 1/6. Alien Queen is from Revoltect. Alien Warrior is from Bandai

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